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New Generation Of Chicago Blues: Singles As & Bs

Guy,Buddy / Magic Sam

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EU-only collection. The blues in Chicago and indeed the blues on Chess Records, Chicago's top blues label, had by the late 1950s been dominated by just a handful of artists but by 1957 that would change as a new generation of blues men were getting a foothold on the scene. This superb CD from Jasmine concentrates on two of these young bloods, Buddy Guy and Magic Sam. Includes the A and B side of every single by these two blues giants through to 1962 with Buddy Guy's hit "Stone Crazy" and the very different sound and feeling of Magic Sam's "All Your Love", this is excellent stuff. These cuts set a new course for the blues at a time when the music was losing it's core audience. Buddy Guy is today the elder statesman of the blues around the world and if it not for Magic Sam's tragic death at the very young age of 32 he would no doubt carry the same status. Fully detailed liner notes.


  1. 21 Days in Jail (Magic Guy)
  2. All My Whole Life (Magic Guy)
  3. All Night Long (Magic Guy)
  4. All You Love (Magic Guy)
  5. Blue Light Boogie (Magic Sam)
  6. Broken Hearted Blues (Buddy Guy)
  7. Do the Camel Walk (Magic Sam)
  8. Easy Baby (Magic Guy)
  9. Everynight About This Time (Magic Sam)
  10. Everything Gonna Be Alright (Magic Guy)
  11. First Time I Met the Blues (Buddy Guy)
  12. I Got My Eyes on You (Buddy Guy)
  13. Let Me Love You Baby (Buddy Guy)
  14. Look Whatcha Done (Magic Guy)
  15. Love Me with a Feeling
  16. Me Charlie (Magic Guy)
  17. My Love Is Your Love (Magic Guy)
  18. Sit and Cry (The Blues) (Buddy Guy)
  19. Slop Around (Buddy Guy)
  20. Square Dance Rock - Part 1 (Magic Guy)
  21. Square Dance Rock - Part 2 (Magic Guy)
  22. Stone Crazy (Buddy Guy)
  23. Ten Years Ago (Buddy Guy)
  24. The Treasure Untold (Buddy Guy)
  25. This Is the End (Buddy Guy)
  26. Try to Quit You Baby (Buddy Guy)
  27. When My Left Eye Jumps (Buddy Guy)

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