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Fanning Island-Native Sounds / Various

Fanning Island-Native Sounds / Various

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Hear the history of Fanning Island this little known South Pacific Island and see native life, as it was hundreds of years ago in Polynesian culture (Video incl. On CD-ROM). Fanning Island lies approximately 250 miles north of the equator and 150 miles northwest of Christmas Island. The natives call it Tabueran, which means Footprint of Heaven and also indicates the shape of the island. Although inhabitants of Fanning Island have no running water or electricity (yes, that's right: no TV, no cell phones), I have never seen happier people before in my life. In December of 2001, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) made this atoll a stop on their itineraries. Unfortunately a lot of passengers didn't know what to expect from Fanning Island and left the coral reef with the impression of 'poverty in paradise'. In order to disprove that statement, we included a 10-minute video documentary. Facts about Fanning Island can be heard on tracks 1 - 3, while tracks 4 - 14 include traditional drumming and chanting, but also songs that were influenced by western music. The CD-ROM is compatible with every standard audio CD player, PC (Windows 95, 98 ME) and Macintosh (OS 8.6 - X Classic) computer.


  1. Historical/political Background
  2. Facts About the Island
  3. Population
  4. Moan Tabekan
  5. Tamau Te Tia Manging
  6. Katangitang
  7. Maunga Tabuki
  8. Te Rannikamaiu
  9. Tai Manga Oki
  10. Ana Kaibangaki Iesu
  11. Kamanene
  12. Kona Ira Iesu
  13. Temwananga Nako Korokota
  14. E a Roko Te Tai

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