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Starting Lap


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Who is Freddy Lap$?!?!?! Freddy Lap$ started the pursuit of his rap career in 1997 at the age of 14. After listening to A Tribe Called Quest's first album (People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm) he was inspired to try out his own ability to write raps and even freestyle. At first it was a bumpy road, as with anything new to someone. After studying his books and learning more about the culture Freddy began to understand it better, and with a better understanding his music seemed to improve. Once confident in his abilities, Freddy then decided it was time for the world to know. So in high school he would gain recognition and fans by freestyling at lunch and house parties. At the age of 18 he had the unfortunate luck of linking up with people that took advantage of his hunger and ability. Believing anything that his "group" members would tell him, he fell for scams and set backs. It was a tough 2 years, but the knowledge he gained was far more valuable then the money and time he lost. It seemed as if luck might have a new turn for the better though in 2003. Freddy and his new and current crew The FaQulty caught a break and got a chance to open for KrumbSnatcher, who at the time was drawing a good amount of people to his shows. After getting a standing ovation and putting on an encore for over 500 people, things were starting to look up for Freddy Lap$. Unfortunately that was one of very few bright spots that the FaQulty faced in the later years to come. With people in the group having different ideas and legal trouble, things seemed to be put to the side and real life took over for a while. This never stopped Lap$ though, he continued to write and pursue this career like he knew he was supposed to. Adversity only makes one stronger and such is the case for Freddy Lap$. By age 23, Freddy continued to perform where he could, doing songs off of the FaQulty's mixtape (The Higher Learning) and his own EP. Freddy still killed crowds wherever he performed, but something didn't feel right and he felt the need to write new material and pursue his own full length album. Through networking and actually getting a hair cut, Freddy met one of his new producers and good friends Bam Savage. This was a huge connection and friendship due to the fact that Bam who owns his own salon (Bam's Family Salon in Lowell MA), and also has numerous albums and songs out, along with recognition from the BBC and CNN. He provided guidance and more connections, which lead Freddy to his other current producer Natural Soul. Natural Soul along with E-Slick, are some of the area's well known producers/artists and provided nothing but help along the way. Freddy has currently recorded his full length album titled "The Starting Lap," which features production from Natural Soul, Bam Savage, Choppy Chop-E sound (from Maryland), Anno Domini Beats (from Germany), and Deenooh. The album also features artists T.N. from the MA and Shakir, along with Bam, Natural Soul, and E-Slick. Freddy has made this his life long aspiration and with new found drive and more confidence then ever he's one of the music's newest and bright stars of the future. Watch out for Freddy Lap$ because he's on the rise!


  1. Intro
  2. In This Life
  3. Getting Rowdy!
  4. Sippin' Yac!
  5. Everybody Move!
  6. All I Need Is U
  7. The Streets
  8. Man of My Word
  9. That's That Shit!
  10. Clear Me
  11. World's a Gamble
  12. Sleep with the Fishes
  13. Wicked 1's
  14. Time I$ Money
  15. Watch They Knot
  16. Good Lord
  17. Shoutouts (Outro)

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