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Space March

Space March

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"Endlessly listenable, hook-filled ballads filled with glistening synths and an electronic-orchestral background. This is how pop music should sound." - Indieville "Space March is intensely melodic pop that relies heavily on a combination of the human and the machine... He sings songs that challenge listeners to question the potential of how much this vivacious music truly can change one's life." - Feminist Review "Well made synthpop which does not waste time trying to sound like Depeche Mode... earthy and a bit 'indie'... once you have listened to this album you feel changed." - Elektrauma (Germany) "Craig Simmons... mixes the Magnetic Fields, Erasure, and a dollop of Momus." - Chicago Reader While plenty of indie rockers have flirted with synthpop (The Postal Service, Magnetic Fields, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), the Australian one-man band Space March is one of the few synthpop acts to receive acclaim in the indie scene. With a mix of Beatlesque Britpop and psychedelic electronics, Space March's 2004 self-titled debut scored top spots in both the Chicago Reader's year-end list and New York's Village Voice Pazz and Jop poll. 2007's follow-up, Without This You Can Never Change, saw Space March continuing to weave shimmering synthesizers and buzzing guitars around the distinctive voice and lyrics of songwriter/producer Craig Simmons. The opening track, "About To Explode" plots the course for the rest of Without This..., pulsing on throbbing electro bass and arpeggios until guitars and gospel organs come crashing in. "Time Will Make A Fool Out of Me" manages to make processed robot vocals sound soulful by surrounding them with more organic (or at least organic-sounding) instruments. Through all the songs, Simmons' lyrics and delivery are equal parts cheeky ("seeing you - like military detention") and sincere ("I want to make you more like me / I want to shape the world I see"), lightening the often melancholy themes with disarming wit and lilting melodies. The third Space March album Monumental is planned for release in late May 2011. Before founding Space March, Simmons spent the 1990s playing straight-up New Wave synthpop with the band Electrosquad, attracting a cult following among the "modern synthpop" scene. However, as Simmons grew increasingly influenced by John Lennon and James Bond composer John Barry, Electrosquad's music moved away from pure synthpop and towards a unique indie / synth / orchestral hybrid. Space March began as an extension of this experiment and continues to explore these themes.


  1. Prelude
  2. Normal
  3. I Am The Law
  4. Going Nowhere
  5. King Of Nothing
  6. Big Joe
  7. Conspiracy
  8. Dorian Gray
  9. Breathe
  10. Teacher's Crying
  11. Merry Go Round

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