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Still Life Of A Blur

Teen Scene Dead

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We don\'t want to make this bio come off as if some overly enthused interviewer is writing an article about the next pop bullshit band. My name is Kevin McNamara, I play guitar and sing in this Chicago based band, The Teen Scene Dead. We play rock music similar to the likes of Weezer and Alkaline Trio; punky, sarcastically sincere, and flavored with hints of ska and other genres. We started in early 2008 when Mike Zevin (bass, keys, back up vocals) and my old band, the Advisory, dissolved upon entering the studio. We quickly enlisted Mikey Plahm onto drums and Chad Deleon on guitar and finished recording our debut EP: \'Still Life of a Blur\'. The name, The Teen Scene Dead, is not only a lyric of the Clash's late great front man Joe Strummer from his song \'Coma Girl\', but it also reflects our feelings toward modern mainstream, we don\'t much dig it. The current up and coming pop/emo bands that attract our generation have no edge, no definition, and no lasting power. Half of these bands either sound like a shitty production Backstreet Boys or are literally kids playing with their keyboards and their laptops while adding bland love lyrics to the song\'s redundant melody, the other half just scream too damn much. We want our songs to mean something, challenge people\'s thoughts, and have a musical sound of their own. Even if we crash and burn at hitting these goals, we can at least say we tried to add our own distinctiveness to today\'s infinite noise pollution.


  1. Easy Way Out
  2. Ill Summer Overture
  3. Armed and Promiscuous
  4. Souled
  5. Hymn for Victims of Drunk Driving

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