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Down By The Racetrack

Guided By Voices

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2013 EP release from the prolific mind of Robert Pollard and his reunited GBV mates. Welcome to the commencement of 2013's Guided by Voices recorded output. Please take your seats quickly. For those who slept through 2012, the Dayton, OH, rock legends released three hugely-acclaimed albums last year and toured throughout the United States of America, including Florida. Down By the Racetrack is Guided by Voices stretching out in a way not seen since early to mid '90s EPs like Get Out My Stations or Clown Prince of the Menthol Trailer. It's a particular kind of lo-fidelity weirdness from the Midwest-warped minds of Dayton's canniest rock warlocks.


  1. It Travels Faster Through Thin Hair
  2. Pictures of the Man
  3. Amanda Gray
  4. Standing In a Pubble of Flesh
  5. Copy Zero
  6. Down By the Racetrack

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