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Ride The Train 4 / Various

Ride The Train 4 / Various

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This edition of 'Ride The Train' begins with two Hobo songs writted by two very experienced song writers. Texas song writer A. V. Sonny May has his rendition of 'Hobo Blues' performed by William Ray and 'Hobo Lullaby', which was penned by Bob Aubert from Washington State, is sung by Larry Knight. Jim Birmingham is from England and he contributes a self written score entitled 'See That Train'. Another song with a European flavor, 'He Came From Ireland' was actually written and performed by Don Crouse from Indiana. John Standring from England makes his NBT dubut on this CD with 'Listen To The Boxcars'. John is a member of the Wirral Musicians Project. Peter Allen is also from England and performs a Daniel Hicks and Jeremy Sloane composition entitled 'Does This Train Go To Silvertown'. Mark Kelf and the Valley Boys hail from England and their rendition of 'The Crossing' gives a rockabilly flavor to the CD. Kelf co-wrote this song with Richard Howard. Michael Stuart Jones returns to the train series with a song entitled 'Dream Come True' which is a doo-wop number thus adding yet another genre to the musical mix. 'Long Way Home (Ghost Train)' is presented by David A. Powell II from West Virginia and 'G.W.R. (Great Western Railway)' is courtesy of Brain Condrey from England. No collection of railroad songs is complete without this CD. There are l9 tracks with over one hour of entainment.


  1. Hobo Blues - William Ray
  2. Hobo Lullaby - Larry Knight
  3. See That Train - Jim Birmingham
  4. He Came from Ireland - Don Crouse
  5. Listen to the Boxcars - Bob Bell
  6. Does This Train Go to Silverton - Peter Allen
  7. One Way Ticket to Anyplace USA - Jeff Saxon
  8. Any Time Soon - Meandered Lake
  9. Driving Train Spikes - Alan Whitfield
  10. The Crossing - Mark Kelf and the Valley Boys
  11. Dream Come True - Michael Stuart Jones
  12. Subway Song - Victor Weiss
  13. Long Way from Home (Ghost Train) - David a. Powell II
  14. G.W.R. (Great Western Railway) - Brian Condrey
  15. Train - Schweizer & Cini
  16. Train of Love - Bruce Rutherford
  17. Same Old Train - David Jewell
  18. Little Train That Could - Butler County
  19. The Heavenly Railroad Train - Rex West

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