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Beware The Haberdash

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Beware the Haberdash is compositional and performative music and sound works of Marco D'Amico and Lou Susi. The Haberdash was formed following the slow dissolve of The Happy Deathmen back in the mid-90s. Original sessions of the 2-piece rock and experimental stylings of Beware came together on the first evening of Operation Desert Storm. Much of the first album 'Inabstentia' reflects a sense of dark, global chaos and delves into a state of subconciousness, starting with a sombre and brooding, acoustic 'side' that then resolves into a strange section of humorous song. In typical Haberdash style, songs range from straightforward acoustic rock to folk to spokenword to ballad to sound experimentation. Lush overlays of guitar and vocals helped establish many cult favourites among New England audiences such as Charity, Romanesque, and Johnny Mocha. Beware the Haberdash won a Best of Boston award in 1993 and attended lavish ceremonies to celebrate their contribution to the Boston music scene. Numerous albums were planned following the cassette release of 'Inabstentia' ... The titles of which included 'Tuscany', 'Crutchfield', 'McKinley', 'DeNiro' and 'Dinner for 2 on a Sunday Afternoon'. Many legal issues and contractual obligations revolving around their previous label 'Oblivion' resulted in a decade-long delay of any new sound material release. Although new songs and sounds were still recorded by The Haberdash, much of the actual distribution and live performance of material by Beware the Haberdash was kept under lock and key, stored away in audio vaults, promising to be lost to the eardrums of fans and foes alike forever. In 2005 the legal defendants of Beware freed up much of the archived material originally slated for 'Tuscany' and other follow-up releases. The resultant compilation of songs by The Haberdash is now available on 'Sewingbox | excerpts from The Haberdash Book of Joy and Sorrow'. The first 14 tracks encapsulte a chronological anthology of material that followed 'Inabstentia' and includes favourites such as 'Chevy Chase', 'Backseat Woman', 'Leonard Nimoy' and 'Lazy'. The final 6 bonus tracks are included for the true fans of The Haberdash and includes songs from original sessions and other experimentations. 'Franciscan Interlude' is an electric duet instrumental stolen from the Beware vaults, recorded in the very first 'Inabstentia' sessions. Beware the Haberdash plans on remastering 'Inabstentia' and finishing up many of the albums left in chaos and despair over the last decade. Both members of Beware the Haberdash currently write and perform in other band projects as well, including Clyve + the management, Feature Creep, Orfila, Radio Pu and X Monkey 7. Marco and Lou are also working on the Haberdash-based novella 'Knifeshop in the Bronx' and are planning on launching a website about coffee culture appropriately called 'Coffee Thirsty'. Future release and performance dates for Beware the Haberdash can be found on


  1. Old Friend
  2. Chevy Chase
  3. Billy Boy
  4. Backseat Woman
  5. Letch
  6. Todd
  7. Gettin' Serious
  8. Scapegoat
  9. Leonard Nimoy
  10. Dead, Dead Soul
  11. Starin' at the Sun
  12. Lazy ('Cuz I'm)
  13. Disconcerting Cornerstore Streetscene
  14. Traingo
  15. Salmon
  16. Little Jeffrey
  17. Jackpie
  18. Franciscan Interlude
  19. Cold, Cold Room
  20. 2 Weeks Vacation

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