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Robert Pollard Is Off To Business


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2008 solo album from the founding father of Indie Rock and Guided By Voices leader. with ten songs in 35 minutes, it's an extraordinary Rock tour-de-force. Robert Pollard Is Off to Business sports Todd Tobias's cleanest and meanest production yet, giant songs and riffs that pack a wallop, and arguably Pollard's finest singing ever captured on record. for Pollard, whose albums normally run 15-25 songs, this ten-song work is a departure from form. He's definitely turned up the Rock 10% and the Classic 11% on this album. Extraordinarily influential, Pollard is not just a founding father of indie rock, but in the long run will prove to be an important part of rock history, with a significant oeuvre that branches from the Who, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Wire, and the Clean.


  1. The Original Heart
  2. The Blondes
  3. 1 Years Old
  4. Gratification To Concrete
  5. No One But I
  6. Weatherman And Skin Goddess
  7. Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-off
  8. To The Path!
  9. Western Centipede
  10. Wealth And Hell-being

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