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Change My Way

Howlin Wolf

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Only Wolf fanatics truly need to hear this lesser grab bag of Chess singles that first saw the light of day between 1958 and 1966. "I Ain't Superstitious" and "Love Me Darlin'" (for Hubert Sumlin's anguished guitar) are the keepers-and they're both on the boxed set. - © Frank John Hadley 1993 - From Grove Press Guide to Blues on CD.


  1. Mr. Airplane Man
  2. Love Me Darlin'
  3. Change My Way
  4. I Walked From Dallas
  5. I Better Go Now
  6. New Crawlin' King Snake
  7. Just Like I Treat You
  8. I've Been Abused
  9. Don't Laugh At Me
  10. I Didn't Know
  11. I Ain't Superstitious
  12. Howlin' Blues
  13. My Mind Is Ramblin'
  14. Do The Do
  15. Hidden Charms

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