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Fly With Me


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['Fly with Me' topped the New Age Radio charts at #32 and remained in the top 50 most played albums for an almost-unheard-of five months. Esteban is a 2006 ASCAPlus Award Recipient. For Esteban's complete biography, please visit CDBaby's listing for 'Serenade to the Moon' by Esteban Ramirez. Esteban's music has been downloaded over 20,000 times by piano music lovers just like you.] FROM THE ARTIST: Thank you for visiting my 'Fly with Me' link on I hope you enjoy the music as you take a few moments to read these words. For those of you who know my music, you'll find this CD a little more passionate and dramatic than my previous two releases. This album's sound is fuller and richer, but just as emotionally driven. This CD begins with a piece called 'Promise.' And like many of the instrumental pieces I compose, titles often fall short of what the soul tries to communicate. So with this one-word title, I found it fitting, for it captures both hope and doubt, hurt and healing, insanity and saneness. Never quite knowing how things will turn out in the end, but holding on to a promise of good things to come. My hope is that this CD will take you on a journey of sorts. It may quite possibly lift you up, make you cry, give you hope, or take you back to a time you may have forgotten. 'The Embrace' is such a piece -- for it takes me back to a time when I had fallen madly in love... I remember the last time we saw each other. It was a sunny, summer morning. So different from how I was feeling inside. Our last good-byes were moments away as I was driving to the park where we were to meet. And even though I felt numb, I was also so aware of everything in and around me. We sat at one of the picnic tables. I remember seeing rose bushes blooming in the distance and trees clustered throughout the lawn. Breaking our silence, our words struggled in vain to ease the pain of this departure. We both knew the relationship had to come to an end. Tears began to well in our eyes...and we embraced...feeling and holding each other one last time. Tears, falling like a summer rain, now soaking the shoulders upon which they fell. We were hurt, we were angry, we were young and desperately seeking answers to love in a complicated world -- neither of us wanting to let go, yet knowing we made the right decision to do so. But as painful as this was, it's moments like this that can open the door to even greater things -- where the inspiration for pieces like 'Tonight You Shine' spring forth: warm, unhurried, elegant, rich in chords, melodic, assured, and filled with love that beams ever so proudly from the deepest part of your soul. The kind of love you share with someone who has seen the best and worst of you, who has nurtured you in sickness and been the foundation of your success. But most wonderful of all, the kind of love that grows stronger and more passionate year after year. I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic. And I say that in a good way. I've learned that romance doesn't just have to be about relationships. Because for me, it's also about learning to love and grow from all that life teaches us. Not always easy. And for me, that love and growth comes through music, which has allowed me to explore and communicate so much of what I feel, so much of what I learn in life, and so much more than words can attain. This CD has some wonderful ensembles (piano, cello, oboe, violin), duets, and if you love piano solos as much as I do, I've also included a few extraordinarily touching ones in the album-a favorite of mine is 'Love and Moonlight.' So again, thank you for visiting and for your support of independent artists (people like me). May this music move and touch you, as it has me. Best wishes, Esteban.


  1. Promise
  2. Beginnings
  3. Fly with Me
  4. Alone is Not for Me
  5. The Embrace
  6. Love and Moonlight
  7. Sunshine
  8. Casa Manzanillo
  9. My Heart Remembers
  10. Tonight You Shine
  11. A Dream is Not Enough
  12. I Am Stronger Now

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