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Greatest Jazz Divas / Various (UK)

Greatest Jazz Divas / Various

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1:1 - Mad About The Boy-Diashington<br/>1:2 - My Baby Just Cares -N Simone<br/>1:3 - Things We Did Last Sum-N Wilson<br/>1:4 - Beginning To See The Light-P Lee<br/>1:5 - Let's Do It Ella Fitzgerald<br/>1:6 - Come Rain Or Come Shine-Connor<br/>1:7 - Blue Moon-Billie Holiday<br/>1:8 - Comes Love-Carmen Mcrae<br/>1:9 - You're The Top-Anita O'day<br/>1:10 - Work If You Can Get It-SVaughan<br/>1:11 - Ain't It The Truth-Lena Horne<br/>1:12 - Everything I've Got Annie Ross<br/>1:13 - Misty-Dakota Staton<br/>1:14 - Chicago-Eydie Gorme<br/>1:15 - Swinging On A Star-June Christy<br/>1:16 - You Go To My Head-Ern Anderson<br/>1:17 - T'ain't What You Do-Cleo Laine<br/>1:18 - Let's Live Again-Nancy Wilson<br/>1:19 - All Or Nothing At All-D Hightower<br/>1:20 - Makin' Whoopee-D Washington<br/>1:21 - Strong Man-Abbey Lincoln<br/>1:22 - The Lady Is A Tramp-R Clooney<br/>1:23 - Too Marvellous For -B Holiday<br/>1:24 - My Heart Tells Me-Etta Jones<br/>1:25 - Anything Goes-Ella Fitzgerald<br/>2:1 - Fever-Peggy Lee<br/>2:2 - You Make Me Feel -Ella Fitzgerald<br/>2:3 - Love Me Or Leave Me-Nina Simone<br/>2:4 - Don't Want To Cry Anymore-Billie<br/>2:5 - All Night Long-Nancy Wilson<br/>2:6 - Lady's In Love With You-A Ross<br/>2:7 - They Didn't Believe - Washington<br/>2:8 - Early Autumn-Cleo Laine<br/>2:9 - Too Close For Comfort-E Gorme<br/>2:10 - Moonray-Dakota Staton<br/>2:11 - They All Laughed-Sarah Vaughan<br/>2:12 - Napoleon-Lena Horne<br/>2:13 - Let's Face The Music -Anita O'day<br/>2:14 - Fly Me To The Moon-June Christy<br/>2:15 - That's All There Is To -Etta Jones<br/>2:16 - It Don't Mean A Thing / Clooney<br/>2:17 - It's A Wonderful World-Peggy Lee<br/>2:18 - Just In Time-Chris Connor<br/>2:19 - Got You Under My Skin-Fitzgerald<br/>2:20 - Everyday I Have-Donna Hightower<br/>2:21 - Where Are You?-A Lincoln<br/>2:22 - Be Careful, It's My Heart-E Gorme<br/>2:23 - Trouble Is A Man-Ern Anderson<br/>2:24 - What's New?-Carmen Mcrae<br/>2:25 - The Other Woman-Nina Simone<br/>3:1 - I'll Never Smile Again-Billie Holiday<br/>3:2 - A Difference A Day/ Washington<br/>3:3 - I'm Lost-Sarah Vaughan<br/>3:4 - I Loves You Porgy-Nina Simone<br/>3:5 - Why Don't You Do Right?-P Lee<br/>3:6 - Speak Low-Lena Horne<br/>3:7 - Troubles In Dreams-Ern Anderson<br/>3:8 - Puttin' On The Ritz-Ella Fitzgerald<br/>3:9 - It's Delovely-Anita O'day<br/>3:10 - The Nearness Of You-N Wilson<br/>3:11 - Where Or When-Etta Jones<br/>3:12 - When Lights Are Low-June Christy<br/>3:13 - Forty Cups Of Coffee-Ella Morse<br/>3:14 - Thursday's Child-Abbey Lincoln<br/>3:15 - No Moon At All-Dakota Staton<br/>3:16 - I Got It Bad -Rosemary Clooney<br/>3:17 - This Thing Called Love/Fitzgerald<br/>3:18 - Manhattan-Annie Ross<br/>3:19 - See See Rider-Ernestine Anderson<br/>3:20 - One Of Those Things-Anita O'day<br/>3:21 - I See Your Face Carmen Mcrae<br/>3:22 - I Thought About You-Holiday<br/>3:23 - Almost Like Being In Love-Jones<br/>3:24 - Summertime-Nina Simone<br/>3:25 - Born To Be Blue-Nancy Wilson<br/>4:1 - Record Label: Not Now<br/>4:2 - Country Of Release: EU<br/>4:3 - Year Of Release: 2011<br/>4:4 - Notes: .. Original Classics On 3 Cd'S<br/>

Disk 1

  1. Mad About The Boy-Diashington
  2. My Baby Just Cares -N Simone
  3. Things We Did Last Sum-N Wilson
  4. Beginning To See The Light-P Lee
  5. Let's Do It Ella Fitzgerald
  6. Come Rain Or Come Shine-Connor
  7. Blue Moon-Billie Holiday
  8. Comes Love-Carmen Mcrae
  9. You're The Top-Anita O'day
  10. Work If You Can Get It-SVaughan
  11. Ain't It The Truth-Lena Horne
  12. Everything I've Got Annie Ross
  13. Misty-Dakota Staton
  14. Chicago-Eydie Gorme
  15. Swinging On A Star-June Christy
  16. You Go To My Head-Ern Anderson
  17. T'ain't What You Do-Cleo Laine
  18. Let's Live Again-Nancy Wilson
  19. All Or Nothing At All-D Hightower
  20. Makin' Whoopee-D Washington
  21. Strong Man-Abbey Lincoln
  22. The Lady Is A Tramp-R Clooney
  23. Too Marvellous For -B Holiday
  24. My Heart Tells Me-Etta Jones
  25. Anything Goes-Ella Fitzgerald

Disk 2

  1. Fever-Peggy Lee
  2. You Make Me Feel -Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Love Me Or Leave Me-Nina Simone
  4. Don't Want To Cry Anymore-Billie
  5. All Night Long-Nancy Wilson
  6. Lady's In Love With You-A Ross
  7. They Didn't Believe - Washington
  8. Early Autumn-Cleo Laine
  9. Too Close For Comfort-E Gorme
  10. Moonray-Dakota Staton
  11. They All Laughed-Sarah Vaughan
  12. Napoleon-Lena Horne
  13. Let's Face The Music -Anita O'day
  14. Fly Me To The Moon-June Christy
  15. That's All There Is To -Etta Jones
  16. It Don't Mean A Thing / Clooney
  17. It's A Wonderful World-Peggy Lee
  18. Just In Time-Chris Connor
  19. Got You Under My Skin-Fitzgerald
  20. Everyday I Have-Donna Hightower
  21. Where Are You?-A Lincoln
  22. Be Careful, It's My Heart-E Gorme
  23. Trouble Is A Man-Ern Anderson
  24. What's New?-Carmen Mcrae
  25. The Other Woman-Nina Simone

Disk 3

  1. I'll Never Smile Again-Billie Holiday
  2. A Difference A Day/ Washington
  3. I'm Lost-Sarah Vaughan
  4. I Loves You Porgy-Nina Simone
  5. Why Don't You Do Right?-P Lee
  6. Speak Low-Lena Horne
  7. Troubles In Dreams-Ern Anderson
  8. Puttin' On The Ritz-Ella Fitzgerald
  9. It's Delovely-Anita O'day
  10. The Nearness Of You-N Wilson
  11. Where Or When-Etta Jones
  12. When Lights Are Low-June Christy
  13. Forty Cups Of Coffee-Ella Morse
  14. Thursday's Child-Abbey Lincoln
  15. No Moon At All-Dakota Staton
  16. I Got It Bad -Rosemary Clooney
  17. This Thing Called Love/Fitzgerald
  18. Manhattan-Annie Ross
  19. See See Rider-Ernestine Anderson
  20. One Of Those Things-Anita O'day
  21. I See Your Face Carmen Mcrae
  22. I Thought About You-Holiday
  23. Almost Like Being In Love-Jones
  24. Summertime-Nina Simone
  25. Born To Be Blue-Nancy Wilson

Disk 4

  1. Record Label: Not Now
  2. Country Of Release: EU
  3. Year Of Release: 2011
  4. Notes: .. Original Classics On 3 Cd'S

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