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Digitally remastered edition of this classic 1978 melodic Rock album. Alongside more familiar names such as Kansas, Boston and Styx, Trillion were one of the greatest - yet in many ways unheralded at the time - bands of the era. Combining stunningly melodic songs with adventurous arrangements and tricky instrumentation the band straddled a knife edge between the deliciously hook laden pomp of Toto and the daring anything-goes musicality of pomp-prog masters Kansas and Starcastle. It was a style that had no boundaries, incorporating raging guitar driven hard rock to delicate and complex progressive compositions. Helmed by British producer Gary Lyons (Foreigner, Lone Star, Gamma) and featuring future Toto vocalist Fergie Frederiksen, Trillion's debut album is an astounding and accomplished work that sounds is as impressive today as it was when first released.


  1. Hold Out
  2. Big Boy
  3. Give Me Your Money Honey
  4. Never Had It So Good
  5. May As Well Go
  6. Fancy Action
  7. Hand It To The Wind
  8. Bright Night Lights
  9. Child Upon The Earth

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