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Singles 67-78


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German compilation for the undisputed kings of 70's mayhem. 47 tracks including the hit, 'Tiger Feet'. Repertoire. Slimline double jewelcase housed in a slipcase.

Disk 1

  1. Tiger Feet
  2. The Cat Crept In
  3. Dyna Mite
  4. Rocket
  5. L L Lucy
  6. Nite On The Tiles
  7. Moonshine Sally
  8. Hypnosis
  9. Crazy
  10. The Secrets That You Keep
  11. Oh Boy
  12. One Night (With You)
  13. Hula Love
  14. Living Doll
  15. Let's Have a Party
  16. In The Mood
  17. Show Me You're a Woman
  18. Shake It Down
  19. Lean On Me
  20. Beating Around The Bush
  21. Slow Talking Boy
  22. Lonely This Christmas
  23. Just Try A Little Tenderness
  24. Cut Across Shorty
  25. Drift Away
  26. Medley
  27. Do You Love Me
  28. Do It All Over Again
  29. Watching The Clock
  30. Bye Bye Johnny
  31. Shake Rattle And Roll See You Later Alligator
  32. Blue Moon
  33. The Ladies
  34. I Can't Stand It
  35. Still Watching The Clock
  36. Last Tango In London
  37. Mr Bagatelle
  38. Morning
  39. I Love How To Love Me

Disk 2

  1. Flower Power
  2. You're My Mother
  3. Up the Airy Mountain
  4. The Latter Days
  5. Shangri-La
  6. House on the Hill
  7. Jumping Jehosaphat
  8. Won't Let It Go

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