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Live At Raul's / Various (OFGV)

Live At Raul's / Various

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CBGB's in New York launched a fiery musical movement of punk, new wave, and all mind-blowing music that changed rock and roll as we know it. And at the same time down in Austin, other bands were also reinventing rock at a joint that sparked it's own fire. A young drummer with his own power pop band decided that his and other bands that played Raul's Club should be recorded. So that is how the legendary Live at Raul's record came to be, featuring the mighty sounds of The Skunks, Standing Waves, Terminal Mind, The Next, and The Explosives. All 1,000 copies sold out instantly, sailing into Texas music history. Finally, the rest of the world can experience Raul's on vinyl, thanks to SteadyBoy Records (whose owner, Freddie Krc, was that young drummer forty years ago). Texas rock and power pop for now people of the 21st century. Raul's LIVES!


  1. Bridges Are for Burning--Terminal Mind
  2. Cheap Girl--The Skunks
  3. I Go Insane--The Explosives
  4. Push Me Around--The Skunks
  5. Radioactive--Terminal Mind
  6. Real Love--The Next
  7. Stand Still--Standing Waves
  8. Teen Challenge--The Next
  9. Tommy and Toni--The Explosives
  10. Young Experience--Standing Waves

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