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Point #1


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Chevelle is a beautiful and brutal musical animal. The 3-peice is a adept at creating a gorgeous flowing mement as they are kicking in a dead-bolted door. The band's debut album, Point #1, was roeced by indie stalward Steve Albini, and showcases the dynamic rhythms and melodies of the Chicago-based bnad. Relying on riffs, rhythms and melody, Chevelle eschews guitar wank heroics and mindless choruses for a lethal combination of emotion and raw power. Track highlights include: "Open," "Prove to You," "Dos," "Blank Earth," "SMA," "Peer" and more!


  1. Open
  2. Point #1
  3. Prove To You
  4. Mia
  5. Skeptic
  6. Anticipation
  7. Dos
  8. Long
  9. Blank Earth
  10. Sma
  11. Peer

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