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Skynyrd's Innyrds (AUS) (CAN)

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Price: $5.99

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West Center Oaks - Omaha, NE


Nice price! Thirteen track collection of their greatest hits, featuring outtakes of 'Free Bird' & 'Double Trouble' plus the CD only track 'Truck Drivin Man'.


  1. Sweet Home Alabama
  2. Swamp Music
  3. I Ain't The One
  4. Gimme Three Steps
  5. Double Trouble (Outtake Version)
  6. Free Bird (Outtake Version)
  7. Truck Drivin' Man
  8. Saturday Night Special
  9. Workin' For MCA
  10. What's Your Name
  11. That Smell
  12. Don't Ask Me No Questions
  13. Call Me The Breeze

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