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Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray

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Description One has to wonder exactly what has been happening in Sugar Ray's social life since 1999's smash 14:59. The frat-boy rockers are back, but they're not lining up for tequila shots and pitchers anymore; in fact, they seem to need a little tea and sympathy. It's tempting to call their self-titled fourth album a concept album built around being bested by a cast of cold-hearted women. Heartbreak makes for some absorbing songs and has added some needed grit to the band's once sun-kissed lives. Gone are the boozy nights on the beach and breezy odes to women they've loved and left. Instant karma has come home to roost and Mark McGrath is not only in psychic pain, but he's awfully contrite on the rootsy "Waiting." He hammers the theme home on "Sorry Now," conceding that "I know you're right, you're always right," without a bit of rancor. "Ours" is a soap opera with old-school soul leanings that could make the Chi-Lites weep with envy. The band have not abandoned their white-guy reggae leanings, but it's now done with a defter touch, thanks in part to producer Don Gilmore. --Jaan Uhelszki Product Description The much-beloved quintet is now set to carve out elite new chart and airwave territory with the highly anticipated CD. Track listing includes "When It's Over," "Craiggae," "Be a Doctor," plus lots more.

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