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Can't Stop A Man: Best Of


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Featuring a beautiful compilation of the best songs by Jamaica's most prolific crooner, Beres Hammond. Tracks: "One Step Ahead," "Full Attention," "Swetness," "Can't Stop a Man," "Queen & Lady," "Rockaway" and more!

Disk 1

  1. One Step Ahead
  2. I'm So In Love
  3. Last War
  4. Groovy Little Thing
  5. What One Dance Can Do
  6. She Loves Me Now
  7. Tempted To Touch
  8. Putting Up Ressistance
  9. Come Back Home
  10. Full Attention
  11. Who Say
  12. Live On
  13. Double Trouble
  14. Step Aside
  15. Love Means Never To Say you're Sorry
  16. Show It Off
  17. Doctor's Orders
  18. My Wish
  19. Sweetness
  20. Sugar You Want

Disk 2

  1. Preacher Man
  2. Left Me Crying
  3. I Could Beat Myself
  4. No Disturb Sign
  5. Can't Stop A Man
  6. Love From A Distance
  7. Sweet Lies
  8. Call On The Father
  9. Warriors Don't Cry
  10. Queen & Lady
  11. Hold on
  12. Can You Play Some More (Pull It Up)
  13. They Gonna Talk
  14. Rockaway
  15. Ain't It Good To Know
  16. Come Down Father
  17. Ain't That Loving You
  18. Dancehall Vibes
  19. Giving Thanks (Live)

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