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Be-Be's Kids


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1:1 - Intro/Down Home Blues<br/>1:2 - Feeling Good<br/>1:3 - 3 Big B... In the Mall<br/>1:4 - Gonna Change/Spare Change<br/>1:5 - Mom & Dad and School<br/>1:6 - Piccolo Player<br/>1:7 - Proud To Be From Compon?<br/>1:8 - Dumb a... Police<br/>1:9 - Death Penalty<br/>1:10 - Jeri Curl<br/>1:11 - Ugly Woman<br/>1:12 - Pac Man Game<br/>1:13 - Love Faces<br/>1:14 - Lakers Vs. Clippers<br/>1:15 - Black Airline<br/>1:16 - Hard Being A Woman<br/>1:17 - Hate My Wife<br/>1:18 - Women Can Get Away With Anything<br/>1:19 - Why Brothers Drive Cadillacs<br/>1:20 - Leave That Coke Alone<br/>1:21 - New York, New York<br/>1:22 - Heard But Not Seen<br/>1:23 - Be-Be's Kids (To Disneyland)<br/>1:24 - Be-Be's Kids (To Las Vegas)<br/>1:25 - Lassie/T.V. Theme Songs<br/>

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