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Wonder Wonder


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Another stellar piece of sweet gentility from country-flavored (but, oh, so much more) singer/songwriter Edith Frost. Twelve gorgeous new songs-the girl's finest yet-featuring backing on strings and things from RYAN HEMBREY, AMY DOMINGUES, RIAN "DESERT STORM" MURPHY, RICK RIZZO, ARCHER PREWITT, MARK GREENBERG, GLENN KOTCHE, BILL LOWMAN, STEVEN DUROCKE, PAUL MERTENS, and SUSAN VOELZ. Recorded by that guy ALBINI.


  1. True
  2. Cars And Parties
  3. Who
  4. Wonder Wonder
  5. Hear My Heart
  6. The Fear
  7. Dreamers
  8. Further
  9. Merry Go Round
  10. Easy To Love
  11. Honey Please
  12. You're Decided

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