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Firefly (SCORE) / TV O.S.T.

Firefly (SCORE) / TV O.S.T.

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Greg Edmonson Firefly [Original Television Soundtrack] Varese Sarabande - For a show that lasted only one season, it has outlived many that have gone on to future seasons. Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) created one of the most loved science fiction Television shows about a ship called Serenity that travels the galaxies. Adding to all the drama and action is composer Greg Edmonson's iconic score.


  1. Firefly - Main Title
  2. Big Bar Fight
  3. Heart of Gold Montage
  4. Whitefall / Book
  5. Early Takes Serenity
  6. The Funeral
  7. Rivers Perception / Saffron
  8. Mal Fights Niska / Back Home
  9. River Tricks Early
  10. River Understands Simon
  11. Leaving / Caper / Spaceball
  12. Rivers Afraid / Niska / Torture
  13. In My Bunk / Jaynes Statue / Boom
  14. Inaras Suite
  15. Out Of Gas / Empty Derelict
  16. Books Hair / Ready For Battle
  17. Tears / Rivers Eyes
  18. Cows / New Dress / My Crew
  19. Boarding The Serenity / Derelict
  20. Burgess Kills / Captain & Ship
  21. Saved / Isn't Home? / Reavers
  22. Reavers Chase Serenity
  23. Rivers Dance
  24. Inside The Tam House
  25. Dying Ship / Naked Mal

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