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Dresden Dolls (ENH) (DIG)

Dresden Dolls

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South Rock - Wichita, KS


Uber-dynamic cabaret/rock opera duo playing confessional songs supported by a thunderous and shimmering piano style. The piano & drum duo play a German punk rock that has an energy not reached since Rocky Horror Picture Show. Their debut album creates the mood of early Tori Amos, has the riot grrrl of PJ Harvey and the drama of theater rocker Meatloaf.


  1. Good Day
  2. Girl Anachronism
  3. Missed Me
  4. Half Jack
  5. 672
  6. Coin-Operated Boy
  7. Gravity
  8. Bad Habit
  9. The Perfect Fit
  10. The Jeep Song
  11. Slide
  12. Truce

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