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Once Upon A Mattress / O.B.C.

Once Upon A Mattress / O.B.C.

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South Rock - Wichita, KS




  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Many Moons Ago - Harry Snow
  3. An Opening For A Princess - Joe Bova and Ensemble
  4. In A Little While - Allen Case, Anne Jones
  5. Shy - Carol Burnett, Joe Bova And Ensemble
  6. Sensitivity - Jane White, Robert Weil
  7. The Swamps Of Home - Carol Burnett, Joe Bova And Ensemble
  8. Normandy - Harry Snow, Matt Mattox, Anne Jones
  9. Spanish Panic - Jane White
  10. Song Of Love - Carol Burnett, Joe Bova And Ensemble
  11. Quiet - Jane White And Ensemble
  12. Studio Dialogue - Carol Burnett
  13. Happily Ever After - Carol Burnett
  14. Man To Man Talk - Matt Mattox, Joe Bova
  15. Very Soft Shoes - Matt Mattox And Ensemble
  16. Yesterday I Loved You - Allen Case, Anne Jones
  17. Nightingale Lullaby - Ginny Perlowin
  18. Finale - Joe Bova, Matt Mattox, Jack Gilford And Ensemble

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