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Robot Chicken: Season Three (2PC) / (DOL SUB STD)


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Seneca - Wichita, KS


Ostensibly about a dead chicken reanimated by a mad scientist and forced to watch endless bad television, ROBOT CHICKEN actually exists as a madcap exercise in cramming as many inane Pop-Culture references, gags, and juxtapositions into a 11 minute time period as is humanly possible. Created by actor Seth Green (AUSTIN POWERS, THE FAMILY GUY, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) and ToyFare editor Matthew Senreich (the two met and bonded over their mutual love for action figures and collectible figurines), the Cartoon Network show uses stop action animation and a host of dolls and action figures to perform outrageous send ups of television, film, and postmodern America. This collection presents every episode from the third season of the show, featuring mayhem with Pac Man, She-Ra, Jenna Jameson, Barbie, and Mr. Rogers. Special Features: Full Frame, 1.33 Audio: Dolby Surround Stereo English.

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