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Workhorse Chronicles


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Mastodon's the Workhorse Chronicles, the band's first official DVD release, is a first-hand account of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into making this mammoth band you know today. Go behind the scenes in over three hours of hand-selected footage from the band's personal video archives. The Workhorse Chronicles contains in-depth interviews with each band member and a career spanning range of live performances - including rare footage of the band in their initial form as a five piece through to sold-out clubs worldwide. The Workhorse Chronicles delves deep into the core of Mastodon, exposing all that is loved and respected about this band.


  1. Deep Sea Creature [DVD][Live]
  2. Slick Leg [DVD][Live]
  3. Thank You for This [DVD][Live]
  4. Call of the Mastodon [DVD][Live]
  5. Shadow That Move [DVD][Live]
  6. Battle at Sea [DVD][Live]
  7. Hail to Fire [DVD][Live]
  8. We Built This Come Death [DVD][Live]
  9. Welcoming War [DVD][Live]
  10. Burning Man [DVD][Live]
  11. Crusher Destroyer [DVD][Live]
  12. March of the Fire Ants [DVD][Live]
  13. Mother Puncher [DVD][Live]
  14. Ol'e Nessie [DVD][Live]
  15. Trainwreck [DVD][Live]
  16. Trampled Under Hoof [DVD][Live]
  17. Trilobite [DVD][Live]
  18. Where Strides the Behemoth [DVD][Live]
  19. Workhorse [DVD][Live]
  20. Megalodon [DVD][Live]
  21. Aqua Dementia [DVD][Live]
  22. Blood & Thunder [DVD][Live]
  23. Hearts Alive [DVD][Live]
  24. I Am Ahab [DVD][Live]
  25. Iron Tusk [DVD][Live]
  26. sland [DVD][Live]
  27. Naked Burn [DVD][Live]
  28. Seabeast [DVD][Live]
  29. March of the Fire Ants [DVD]
  30. Iron Tusk [DVD][Version]
  31. Blood & Thunder [DVD]
  32. Bonus Material [DVD]

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