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Best Red Vs Blue Dvd Ever Of Time


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And the award goes to you! For having the good sense to pick up this hilarious DVD! Wait, I know what you are thinking: Sure, RED VS. BLUE is one of the most popular web series of all time, but who has five minutes a week to watch videos on the Internet?! We couldn't agree more. That's why we've compiled all of the Best of RED VS. BLUE into this handy, portable and extraordinarily convenient DVD! Now you can catch up on all the laugh-out-loud videos that your friends with computers have been telling you about for the last ten years! Presented in an award-show format, (THIS IS) THE BEST RED VS. BLUE DVD EVER. OF ALL TIME. Is a salute to the show's most ridiculous, explosive, jaw-dropping and sidesplitting moments as voted by the fans! Can all of the show's greatest hits, quips, jokes and quotes make it onto one disc? It doesn't seem physically possible!* But it is! By the way, that's a funny line from the show. Watch the DVD for more! Based on a game rated MATURE by the ESRB. Warning: Contains Adult Language.

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