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My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving / (MOD AC3 DOL)


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As MARCUS (23, Black, special needs) watches his favorite zombie TV show with his group home caregiver, she dies. Her son Frank (42, White) is left to care for Marcus. This propels Marcus to search for his absent mom. He is overjoyed when he discovers that she's in prison! His TV show has ANDREA (21, White) wanting to charge her cellphone in the zombie apocalypse and reconnect with friends. At a Korean-family-owned laundromat, Marcus bonds with JUNG (46, Korean) over this TV show and work. He also wins over Jung's wife ME YOUNG (45, Korean) with driving her in a shopping cart to the acupuncturist. But their son KIM (23, Korean) returns to drugs out of jealousy. Marcus joins a drug dealing gang and ditches his psychotropic meds causing a psychotic breakdown. And it turns out that Marcus' mom despises him. He ends up in prison and begs Frank and Jung for forgiveness. They do in time to watch the TV show together on Thanksgiving. Marcus realizes this is his true family.

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