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Rockabilly Riot: Osaka Rocka / Live In Japan 2016

Dvd (Blu Ray)

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Three-time Grammy-award-winner BRIAN SETZER's new concert Blu-ray/CD, ROCKABILLY RIOT: OSAKA ROCKA! - LIVE IN JAPAN-filmed on February 18 at Namba Hatch in Osaka, Japan-is set for release November 4, 2016 via Surfdog Records. Live and loud, the concert encompasses songs from SETZER's acclaimed 2014 studio album Rockabilly Riot! All Original-a sizzling rockabilly album from start to finish featuring SETZER's trademark twang and fretboard fire. Also included are classic hits from his Stray Cats days, Brian Setzer Orchestra tunes and tracks from his solo albums. In front of the wildly enthusiastic audience, Brian Setzer and his band-Noah Levy (Drums), Kevin McKendree (Piano and Guitar) and Mark Winchester (Bass)-are firing on all cylinders. TWO-DISC TRACK LIST - 01 Ignition 02 Rumble In Brighton 03 Vinyl Records 04 Stray Cat Strut 05 Nothing Is A Sure Thing 06 Stiletto Cool 07 Cry Baby 08 '49 Mercury Blues 09 What's Her Name 10 Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder) 11 Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues 12 Gene & Eddie 13 Blue Moon Of Kentucky 14 Runaway Boys 15 8-Track 16 Fishnet Stockings 17 Let's Shake 18 Sleepwalk 19 Rock This Town 20 Seven Nights To Rock disc two 01 Ignition (Live) 02 Vinyl Records (Live) 03 Stray Cat Strut (Live) 04 Nothing Is A Sure Thing (Live) 05 Stiletto Cool (Live) 06 Cry Baby (Live) 07 What's Her Name (Live) 08 Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues (Live) 09 Gene & Eddie (Live) 10 Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Live) 11 Runaway Boys (Live) 12 Fishnet Stockings (Live) 13 Let's Shake (Live) 14 Sleepwalk (Live) 15 Rock This Town (Live) 16 Seven Nights To Rock (Live)

Disk 1

  1. disc 1 Ignition
  2. Rumble In Brighton
  3. Vinyl Records
  4. Stray Cat Strut
  5. Nothing Is A Sure Thing
  6. Stiletto Cool
  7. Cry Baby
  8. '49 Mercury Blues
  9. What's Her Name
  10. Drive Like Lightning (Crash Like Thunder)
  11. Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues
  12. Gene & Eddie
  13. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  14. Runaway Boys
  15. 8-Track
  16. Fishnet Stockings
  17. Let's Shake
  18. Sleepwalk
  19. Rock This Town
  20. Seven Nights To Rock

Disk 2

  1. disc 2 Ignition (Live)
  2. Vinyl Records (Live)
  3. Stray Cat Strut (Live)
  4. Nothing Is A Sure Thing (Live)
  5. Stiletto Cool (Live)
  6. Cry Baby (Live)
  7. What's Her Name (Live)
  8. Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues (Live)
  9. Gene & Eddie (Live)
  10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Live)
  11. Runaway Boys (Live)
  12. Fishnet Stockings (Live)
  13. Let's Shake (Live)
  14. Sleepwalk (Live)
  15. Rock This Town (Live)
  16. Seven Nights To Rock (Live)

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