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Blood & Dirt (2PC)


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For the first time ever, a 90 minute documentary featuring the complete history of this legendary Bay Area Thrash band. From their early Death Penalty days to the infamous Centennial Hall Riot to Thrash Of The Titans and beyond, this DVD also features interviews with the band members and members of Exodus, Testament, Forbidden and Death Angel. Also included is a bonus disc featuring their crushing Thrash Of The Titans performance as well as songs from their sold out Slim's show and more.


  1. Kill On Command
  2. Eternal Nightmare
  3. Serial Killer
  4. Mentally Afflicted
  5. Afficer Nice
  6. Phobophobia
  7. World In A World
  8. T.D.S
  9. I Profit
  11. Liquid Courage
  12. Ageless Eyes
  13. Calling In The Corner
  14. Subterfuge
  15. Bodies On Bodies
  16. Paraplegic

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