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D Gray-Man: Season Four - Part One (3PC) / (3PK)


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With Kanda left behind to battle Skinn, Allen and the crew make their way through the crumbling Ark. The path through is filled with danger, especially with the eccentric Jasdevi laying traps! Luckily, Allen?s unique training with Master Cross gives him a bizarre advantage. Who knew gambling and identifying different types of sake would ever come in handy? But the fun and games end when Jasdevi reveal their true form! -- The further they make it through the Ark, the more members fall behind, and soon, only a few remain in fighting shape. When they finally reach the top, they?ve still got Road blocking their way. Together with Tyki, the two Noah clan members prepare to battle the remaining Exorcists. With no other options, it?s time for Allen and his friends to give it their all to make it back home.

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