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As The Gods Will (2PC) (W/DVD) / (UVDC 2PK SUB)

As The Gods Will (2PC) (W/DVD) / (UVDC 2PK SUB)

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High school student Shun Takahata is bored. Bored with the day-to-day monotony of school and life, he prays for change, for something exciting. The last thing he expects is for the gods to answer. Up against terrifying creatures, from a talking Daruma doll to a sharp-clawed lucky cat, Shun and his classmates are forced to play deadly versions of children?s games. Many play, few survive. And as their numbers dwindle, they?re taken into a mysterious cube in the sky where they face more trials. The world is watching as God?s Children play, but when only a handful remain, distrust burns strongly between them. Who?s here to win, and who?s here to survive? One thing?s for sure?facing death is one way to cure boredom!

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