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Flight of Fury - Steven Seagal stars in this high-octane thriller as John Sands, a secret operative used by the United States Air Force for those clandestine operations deemed too sensitive for the regular intelligence services. After he finds himself in the middle of a robbery, he gets caught in a series of misadventures that ultimately lead to his next mission - to help locate and capture a hijacked, top-secret stealth bomber before it lands in the hands of terrorists. Out for a Kill - An unsuspecting university professor is an unwitting accomplice in a foiled Mexican cocaine deal. Wrongly imprisoned, he escapes to take his revenge and prove his innocence. Shadow Man - Steven Seagal (Black Dawn, Under Siege), Garrick Hagon (Second in Command, Spy Game), Skye Bennett and Eva Pope (Splinter, TV's "Bad Girls" and "Coronation Street") star in this hard-hitting, action-packed film about an intelligence operative who discovers that no one is what they seem in the shadowy world of espionage. Seagal stars as Jack Foster, a former covert agent with MacGyver-like skills, who is in search of his kidnapped eight-year-old daughter while being pursued by Russian officials who believe he holds a virus formula that could kill millions. Urban Justice - When a good cop gets blown away in a drive-by shooting, the police department writes it off as a random act of violence. Big mistake. That young cop has a father who happens to be a special forces-trained, street-fighting, nerves-of-steel avenger bent on one thing: justice. To find his son's killer, Simon Ballister (Steven Seagal) moves into the worst part of town where his welcome wagon turns out to be two gang members whom he sends home bleeding. Ballister isn't easily deterred, and he'll stop at nothing to find his son's killer. But, these gangs have more men, more firepower, more police protection and the fearless and dangerous recklessness of youth - all of which Ballister plans to use against them. Also stars Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother) and Danny Trejo (Grindhouse, Once Upon a Time in Mexico).

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