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'Like a set of fine China, Pianadelphia is characterized by it's craftsmanship, delicacy and sheer beauty. Each musician shows himself to be an exquisite interpreter of the Jazz piano idiom, demonstrating how spontaneous variations of simple tunes can become memorable compositions in themselves.' -- 'Pianadelphia's great!' -- Pat Martino PIANADELPHIA is a celebration of fourteen pianists who live and work in the Philadelphia area. It is also a tribute to the history of Jazz in Philadelphia - the first great American art form, in the first great American city. Each pianist performs a composition by a legendary Philly Jazz artist, with many of the city's most accomplished players showcased alongside it's more recent virtuosos. Recording sessions were held in February, 2006, at Turtle Studios in Old City, and the studio's 1928 Steinway concert grand was the only instrument used. Within this setting, each pianist was left alone to reveal the full spectrum of styles and intentions within each composition, as well as the common threads that tie all the composers and players to an extended musical family. In the popular imagination, 'Philadelphia' represents independence, history and freedom, the cradle of American ideals. It's no surprise, then, to find a rich Jazz tradition here, as ewll as a vibrant and pulsating community of Jazz musicians in the present. This recording is the first in a series of projects that will honor and showcase the gifts of these musicians. Produced by Todd Horton.


  1. The Third Time Around
  2. Naima
  3. Whisper Not
  4. The Great Stream
  5. Ceora
  6. Search for Peace
  7. A Portrait of Diana
  8. Stablemates
  9. Voice of the Saxophone
  10. Moanin'
  11. Contemplation
  12. This Here
  13. Equinox
  14. Springtime in Chicago

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