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Snakes & Arrows Live (3PC) / (AC3 DIG DOL)

Dvd (Blu Ray)

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Blu-ray DVD of their 2008 Snakes & Arrows Live by Rush was filmed in Hi-Def and 5.1 surround sound October of 2007 in Rotterdam, Netherlands and it captures the Rush's instrumental virtuosity, complex compositions and raw energy that their fans have come to expect. Rush in Rio was more about crowd's response to the band whereas this DVD is all about the band - a real close up look at what Rush does on stage. This DVD encompasses both 2007 & 2008 Snakes & Arrows tour content.


  1. Limelight [DVD]
  2. Digital Man [DVD]
  3. Entre Nous [DVD]
  4. Mission [DVD]
  5. Freewill [DVD]
  6. The Main Monkey Business [DVD]
  7. The Larger Bowl [DVD]
  8. Secret Touch [DVD]
  9. Circumstances [DVD]
  10. Between the Wheels [DVD]
  11. Dreamline [DVD]
  12. Far Cry [DVD]
  13. Workin' Them Angels [DVD]
  14. Armor and Sword [DVD]
  15. Spindrift [DVD]
  16. The Way the Wind Blows [DVD]
  17. Subdivisions [DVD]
  18. Natural Science [DVD]
  19. Witch Hunt [DVD]
  20. Malignant Narcissism/De Slagwerker [DVD]
  21. Hope [DVD]
  22. Distant Early Warning [DVD]
  23. The Spirit of Radio [DVD]
  24. Tom Sawyer [DVD]
  25. One Little Victory [DVD]
  26. A Passage to Bangkok [DVD]
  27. Yyz [DVD]
  28. Ghost of a Chance [DVD]
  29. Red Barchetta [DVD]
  30. The Trees [DVD]
  31. 2112/The Temples of Syrinx [DVD]
  32. Bonus Material [DVD]

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