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Three radical men called 'The Counsoul', can only be summed in one word 'INCREDIBLE'. The unique style and sound of this group's music, is taking today's youth to another level on how they perceive Urban Hip Hop Rap. Their funkiness and flavorful spunk, has a way of ushering a wave of musical blends that keep you on your feet wanting more. These men definitely have a Radical Word for a Radical Generation and are going to take the music industry by storm. Their goal is simple to use their music as a platform of putting the broken pieces of many young people lives back together again. It's an introspective about coming clean, recollection, redefining, bringing mind, body and spirit. So much of life is about vain pursuit and accumulation of stuff that seemingly matters, but ends up being of no significance at all. Many youth in our society, feel out of place but continually operate 'on program' and not 'on purpose'. This is where the getting 'on purpose' and losing religion...finding God comes into play. After listening to The Counsoul, there is no way that the most casual observer and listener will not walk away changed in some way. The debut album 'The Set Up' is not just about feel good music (although it will keep you on your feet), it's about the transparency of the words, oneness, healing of the mind, body and soul.


  1. Intro: Frist Meeting
  2. Soldiers Stand Tall
  3. In Your Ear
  4. In My Life
  5. You Don't Know The Lord
  6. God In You
  7. Green Light
  8. I AM
  9. Hook
  10. I Come
  11. It's All About Me
  12. It's Been A Long Time
  13. Stay On The Grind
  14. Rob's Intro (part 1)
  15. Got Me Goin
  16. Comin For You (featuring Young Romans)
  17. Brought Me A Long Way
  18. Jazabel
  19. Rob's Intro (part 2)
  20. In The Wind
  21. Say A Little Prayer
  22. Romel's Intro
  23. Give Me A Second
  24. These Are They
  25. Deuntae's Intro
  26. This Is Who I Am
  27. About The Business
  28. The Number One Question
  29. The Set Up (featuring Young Romans)
  30. No Matter Where You Are (featuring Calvin B. Rhone)
  31. I've Learned

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