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Missing: Season 1 (2PC) / (2PK)

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When five year-old Oliver Hughes disappears while on holiday in France, it sets off a nearly decade-long search for his whereabouts. 'The Missing,' a Starz Limited Series, is a dramatic thriller that takes you inside the mind of a father, Tony (played by James Nesbitt of The Hobbit trilogy and Jekyll), desperate to locate his lost son. With help from a legendary detective (played by Tcheky Karyo of Goldeneye and The Patriot), Tony embarks on an obsessive quest to find his son and those responsible for his disappearance. A gripping puzzle with twists and turns at every stage, Tony's exhaustive search fractures his relationship with his wife, Emily (played by Frances O'Connor of 'Mr. Selfridge' and A.I.: Artificial Intelligence), and threatens to destroy his life. Told through a complex narrative, 'The Missing' unfolds over two time frames simultaneously.

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