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Nintendo Test Cartridge

Nintendo Ds

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Addictive real-time game play Persistent game world Easy to pick up and play Ideal for playing for short periods while on the go Includes variety of fun mini gamesFrom the Manufacturer    Become the catwalk star in America's Next Top Model™!      Americ's Next Top Model is the official video game of the hugely popular TV series. Take on the role of one of ten contestants aspiring to be the next big supermodel. Based on the same formula as the TV series, one model is dismissed each week following a special challenge - just make sure it’s not you! To succeed, the player must convince a very critical jury at various events such as catwalk shows, photo shoots, etc… There are also interactive story elements, which depend on the relationships with the other contestants, boyfriends, admirers and jurors. Will you play the Sweetheart and be everyone's best friend? Or will you claw your way to the top through catfights and cunning? Choose the path to your destiny as America's Next Top Model.  Features: Huge 3D open world environment including the model mansion, seaside town and giant outdoor shopping plaza 4 playable models with 13 different fashion styles including 60s, 70s, romantic and underground Choose your behavior to affect the outcome of the game. Be catty or nice - it’s up to you! Fitness: Use the Stylus to perform gymnastics, do cardio and spinning Hair and Make-up: Change your hair style, color and highlight color. Also, put on your powder, eye shadow, lipstick, contact lenses etc. and customize the color of each with the color palette. Runway: Walk down the runway and move the stylus to follow the circle on the path on the touch screen. Cat Fight: Occasionally, you may get into a fight with another model. Push them or pull their whatever it takes to stop the other model! Photo Shoot: Once a week a photo shoot takes place. Take the correct pose as the model and then take on the role of the photographer and align the camera. Shopping: Spend your daily allowance on tons of different clothes.Styling: Change your clothes the way you see fit. There are tons of different combinations to try!  It's not easy to make it in the modeling industry, do you have what it takes to be America's Next Top Model?     Product Description 'America's Next Top Model' is the official video game of the hugely popular US TV series. You take control of one of 10 aspiring models that compete in a variety of different categories including: 'Make Up', 'Fashion', 'Catwalk' and 'Photoshoot'. Following the same successful formula as the TV series, one model is dismissed each week following a special challenge; just make sure it's not you! Choose your outfits in a variety of ways to live out the model lifestyle; be it striking a pose for a photographer, keeping your walk timed perfectly on the catwalk, or making sure your make-up is a match for the occasion. Talk to the other models in the apartment and get tips from your coach to help your performance during the week, then test your knowledge of the fashion industry in front of the panel each week to secure your place in the next round.

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