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Super Monkey Ball Jr.

Gameboy Advance

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You'll get to play as one of four monkeys - Aiai, Meemee, Gongon or Baby -- they're all trapped in Monkey Balls, and you have to get them through crazy mazes to get them out! Maneuver your monkey across over 60 different stages, by moving the board so the Monkey Ball can roll Each level has its own obstacles -- steps, bumps, moving platforms, and more -- avoid the ones you can, use the rest to your advantage The game also features four classic monkey party games - Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling Get into multiplayer madness with up to 4 players with the GameLink CableFrom the Manufacturer Hey party animal--you better get your ball rolling! Maneuver your monkey across 60+ stages filled with barriers, bumps, and rails. With mini-games and multiple game modes, Super Monkey Ball could be the most "well-rounded" games you've ever played. AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, and Baby make their Game Boy Advance debut! Over 60 tables filled with steps, bumps, moving platforms, and more! Includes 4 of your favorite mini-games--Monkey Fight, Monkey Duel, Monkey Golf, and Monkey Bowling Multi-player madness supports up to 4 players with the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable Product Description You'd better get your ball rolling in Super Monkey Ball Jr., monkey boy. Maneuver your monkey through more than 60 levels filled with all sorts of barriers, bumps and obstacles. Play in a number of game modes and experience cool party games along the way. Play with all-new fun characters like AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon and more. You can play awesome party games like Monkey Fight, Monkey Race, Monkey Golf and more.

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