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Unreal Ii The Awakening


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In this massive game, war suddenly breaks out and alien races, mercenary bands, and the military are all fighting each other. You have to find out why and (hopefully) survive. You'll have to defend those who are trapped in the crossfire - colonists, miners, archaeologists and other civilians Travel to 10 unique alien worlds and complete numerous challenging and deadly missions -- from a tropical jungle planet to an endless ocean world Intense life-or-death action in beautifully realistic and engaging game worlds Infiltrate enemy targets, explore & discover ancient ruins and escort civilians to safetyFrom the Manufacturer In early 2003, the Unreal adventure continued with the highly anticipated release of the action shooter Unreal II--The Awakening. Now, that PC hit is recharged and reloaded as a gripping Xbox Live release, packed with brand new explosive excitement for solo, team and multiplayer combat. All of the suspense, adrenaline-pumping destruction and awesome visuals from the original are there, along with a full lineup of unique multiplayer options that serious shooter fans won't want to miss. Player-controlled vehicles add to the carnage, acting as both transport and heavy weaponry-?launch into battle and mow down the opposition! Along the outer edge of space, players are plunged into a desperate mission to kill all comers--alien and otherwise--and prevent the awakening of an evil force. With a mind-boggling array of firepower, hardened warriors must protect the last gasp of humanity through scorching heat, over icy terrain and within eerie alien cities. Product Description Prevent the awakening of an evil force in this adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter. With Xbox Live (not included), Unreal II serves up awesome multiplayer gaming sessions with crushing weapons and armored vehicles. Breathtaking graphics, powered by the famed Unreal Engine, along with gripping, fast-paced gameplay make Unreal II one Xbox title not to miss!

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