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More than 30 missions plus different mini-games 3 different cities save passwordsProduct Description Based on the acclaimed PlayStation game, the Game Boy Color version of Driver puts the seedy criminal underworld into the palm of a gamer's hand. As a getaway wheelman for hire, virtual drivers are thrown smack-dab in the middle of the street's nonstop action. While you're speeding (and sneaking) through streets with working traffic systems, pedestrians, other motorists, and cops on patrol, every move counts as the clock ticks on over 40 challenging missions in four major U.S. cities. While it pales in comparison to its 3-D counterpart on the PlayStation, the developers of this 2-D Game Boy version of the hit game Driver have managed to re-create much of the action and excitement that made the original game a sleeper hit. Slip into the role of a getaway driver and race through a crowded city environment in this fast-action racer. As with the PlayStation version, you still drive a getaway car through busy city streets, only in this game you view the action from a top-down perspective and the graphics have taken a nosedive in quality (for obvious reasons). Weaving through traffic and screeching around corners is as fun as it ever was, regardless of the low-detail levels. Whether you were a fan of the original version or just like driving games, Driver is a great way to hit the road when you're on the go. --T. Byrl BakerPros:Much of the gameplay from the PlayStation original is intact Tight controls Cons:Graphics are a little bland 2-D top-down perspective makes the game look flat

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