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Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition

Gameboy Color

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first female arcade hero munch dots eat power pellets for strength to eat the ghosts eat fruit for bonus points included complete version of SUPER PAC-MANProduct Description Like the original Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man is one of the bestselling games ever for the Game Boy. Now the Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition features the complete arcade game in a perfect, full-color conversion. Also included is the separate puzzle game Pac-Attack, where the object is to line up all the blocks--before they stack up--and help Ms. Pac-Man eat any ghosts that get in her way. Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition is compatible with the older, noncolor Game Boy. Ms. Pac-Man is one of the most successful arcade games of all time--and for good reason. This coin-snatching classic has captured the hearts of millions--and still can be found in many arcades. Now, with Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition, you can bring this title's classic gameplay to your Game Boy. All of the gameplay elements found in the original Pac-Man are present here. Eat the dots. Avoid the ghosts. Grab a power pellet. Gobble those ghosts! Still, Ms. Pac-Man added many new twists to the Pac-Man series--and they are all faithfully re-created here. There are multiple mazes to conquer and several new fruit prizes to consume. As always, you can use warp tunnels to quickly pass from one side of the maze to the other, and view cut-scenes once certain levels are bypassed. The controls are extremely responsive, letting you ditch those pesky ghosts with ease. As if Ms. Pac-Man wasn't enough, Namco also threw in a copy of Super Pac-Man, which adds even more features to the gameplay. Both versions can be played from either a zoomed-out perspective that displays the entire maze, or a zoomed-in view that has much better graphics but displays only about a quarter of the maze at a time. This is a good translation of a revered classic that is likely to spend much time in your Game Boy Color. --T. Byrl BakerPros: Retains classic gameplay of the arcade hit Also includes bonus game Super Pac-ManCons: Zoomed-out mode is very tiny

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