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Nba Shootout 2000


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NBA ShootOut 2000 is a Sports game, developed and published by 989 Sports, which was released in 1999.Review 989 Studios took last year off to refine the NBA Shootout series with new features and improved visuals and control. While this task was certainly accomplished, the choice between EA's NBA Live 2000 and NBA Shootout 2000 is one of personal preference, as both games are just about equal in what they offer. NBA Shootout 2000 features all of the real NBA teams, players, and arenas and has all of the usual trimmings that come with an officially licensed basketball game. In addition, the game has most typical game modes, such as exhibition, season, and play-offs. The one new feature that NBA Shootout 2000 has that has never been seen before is a create-a-dunk feature. You can easily articulate and position the limbs of the players in all sorts of different ways. You can either create realistic dunks or crazy impossible dunks. The create-a-dunk feature, while unique and fun at first, is rather limited and loses its luster after you make a few dunks. The control in NBA Shootout 2000 has definitely been improved since Shootout 98. The game just feels a lot tighter and more responsive than ever before. But easily the best thing about NBA Shootout 2000 is its shooting system, called touch shooting. The system takes the guesswork out of shooting baskets in a video game by displaying a meter that you have to get just right in order to sink a shot. It's simply designed and doesn't slow the pace of the game down at all. When you press the circle button to shoot the ball, a little meter appears that has a marker that ascends through three colors. If you release the button when the marker is in the yellow zone, the shot is as good as in. Releasing the circle button early or late will, of course, send the shot on a not-so-certain course. The game's artificial intelligence, while quite impressive at first, makes its problems known after you spend some time with the game. Once you get a feel for the game and start beating the computer consistently, you can bump up the game's difficulty setting. Unfortunately, doing this really only improves the computer's shooting percentage and doesn't really change how it plays. One exception to the game's overall realism is in the number of steals and shot blocks that will occur during a game. If you know typical basketball numbers, you'll see that NBA Shootout 2000's are almost always abnormally high. Graphically, NBA Shootout 2000 is very nice. The player models are all sized accurately and represent their real-life counterparts very well. The detail level of the players' faces and overall look are pretty nice. Shootout 2000's motion-captured animations are easily the best thing about the game's visuals. The players dunk, dribble, shoot, and collide with smooth motion that gives the game a realistic look and feel. The sound effects and announcing in NBA Shootout 2000 aren't groundbreaking, but they do an accurate job of re-creating the NBA experience. The effects of the various on-court sounds, like sneaker squeaks, along with the swell of the crowd during any excitement, are well done, as is the play-by-play announcer who calls the action during the game. Another nice realistic touch worth noting is the brief clips of music that come up during the game. In the end, NBA Shootout 2000 is a solid basketball game. Its clean graphics and great control not only make it the best installment in the Shootout series but also one of the best basketball games for the PlayStation. --Ryan Mac Donald --Copyright ©1998 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. -- GameSpot Review Product description NBA ShootOut 2000 is a Sports game, developed and published by 989 Sports, which was released in 1999.

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