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Jet Moto 3


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Description Superb graphics and fast action characterize 989 Studios' daredevil motocross game Jet Moto 3. Designed for one or two players, this game expands on the original two Jet Moto games with improved visuals and controls. After choosing from a selection of characters (each with varying strengths), you can traverse four different courses using a futuristic all-terrain cycle. The well-designed tracks will challenge even veterans of the earlier Jet Moto titles. You will feel the cycle slipping on the ice of the Khumbu Icefall and develop a lump in your stomach as you jump over Devil's Canyon. On the down side, close-up views are difficult to manage, as the field of vision can easily be lost. This is especially a problem in the two-player, split-screen view. While some gamers may grow tired of this game fairly quickly, there is enough meat here to keep racing fans interested until the courses are mastered. Learning the subtleties of each course can prepare hard-core racers for the game's more advanced seasonal competitions and racing circuits. --Sal BarciaPros:Superb graphicsDesign improved over previous Jet Moto titlesCons:Close-up views are difficult to manageNon-racing fans may grow bored quickly Product description This item is complete and includes game, game case and manual. There is minimal wear to the labels or manual. Bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed. Game carts and disc are professionally cleaned or resurfaced. This item, while pre-played, is an excellent addition to your game collection. It will also be a good playable piece. From the Manufacturer Harness the blurring speed of 11 ultra-realistic all terrain jet hover bikes. Feel the bone-smashing action of 19 treacherous obstacle-ridden environments including subterranean graveyards; ancient cities; alien worlds and the wildest most thrilling stunt tracks ever designed. Experience an all-new blazing fast 3D engine with realistic MotoPhysics handling. Jostle sideswipe and rip it up in 1-player and 2-player competition. Review If Jet Moto was needlessly difficult, and Jet Moto 2 was even tougher, then the third incarnation of the Jet Moto series reaches the summit of crafty tracks and challenging racing. I just couldn't see Jet Moto existing as a real life sport - the careers of racers in the league would be horribly short, until the up-and-comer blazed around a corner and right off a cliff. Jet Moto 3 indeed brings the pain - but it does it in a nice, cheerful way. If doing a flip on a pair of roller skates these days is considered extreme, Jet Moto racing needs a brand-new term to describe it. Jet Moto is hard-core, in your face, fall-into-a-bottomless-pit-and-like-it racing. Want more brutal, daring tracks? Jet Moto 3 has got them. In fact, Jet Moto 3 boasts ten of the most difficult tracks I've seen in a racing game. Nothing will frustrate you more than when you accidentally miss a 2-inch-wide ledge and lose a lap because of it. But somehow, Jet Moto 3 makes this all bearable, and the adrenaline-fueled racing combined with sadistic track design make Jet Moto 3 one hard game to put down. The graphics say one thing to you - speed. The graphics engine was built to show off exactly how fast you can blaze through the tracks. As such, attention to details is sometimes sketchy. Your Moto racer himself looks a little on the stickman side, while the backgrounds are nice and pretty unless you get too close. The grapple effect looks downright lame, and the poles themselves stick out like a sore thumb. All the CGI in the game is frightful - none of the characters look even fractionally human. But most of this really doesn't matter when you're flying through a volcano at 150mph and the frame rate is just humming. The soundtrack is good - not good enough to record and play while you're in traffic, but good nonetheless. Each track has its own theme song, which usually has to do with the track itself. Catchy Spanish gu

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