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Outlaw Tennis

Playstation 2

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16 playable characters - including 1 surprise character Improve your players' Power, Endurance, Control, Serve, Accuracy and Speed to make them into a champion 12 courts with multiple surface types - from concrete and black top to dirt and hard-polished wood Play in 50 tour matches and 7 different match modes Multiple shots and serve typesFrom the Manufacturer Step onto the tennis court with the cast from the Outlaw series of games. You can choose 1 of 16 playable characters with different attributes, and then you can participate in six gameplay modes, including exhibition, tour, and drills. As in previous Outlaw games, Outlaw Tennis features a fighting system that lets you beat up your opponents to gain an advantage. You can play in both singles and doubles matches in several match modes, such as hot potato, casino, baseball, and cash zones.

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