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Powerpuff Girls Bad Mojo Jojo

Gameboy Color

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based on the animated series focuses on Blossom solve a variety of puzzles punch and kick the bad guys collect all of the icons in each The Powerpuff Girls 1: Bad Mojo Jojo features clever Blossom as she evades and traps enemies, while the other two girls are in reserve for super attacks. The side-scrolling game has multiscreen maps with hidden areas. Our hero dodges obstacles, collects power-ups, destroys enemies, rescues friends, and ultimately fights the featured villains to save Townsville. The villainous Mojo Jojo, Bratty Little Princess, and Roach Coach all reflect brains over brawn, which requires Blossom to utilize strategies other than a full frontal attack. Players can collect and trade electronic game cards between two copies of the game via the separately sold Game Boy Link Cable, as well as engage in two-player head-to-head action. Secret passwords unlock new game features, including trading cards and hidden powers. Product description Mojo Jojo has broken into Professor Utonium's lab, and built some superweapons with which he will destroy Townsville. Help Blossom lead her sisters and use her perfect combination of Brains, Beauty and Braun to track down and defeat the evil genius, Mojo Jojo, and thus save the citizens of Townsville!

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