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Trigger Man


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Complete eight mobster missions in the name of the Coladangelo Family - Destroy rival gang operations, assassinate rival mob leaders and intimidate witnesses to keep quiet Realistic locales as you fight it out on the loading docks, fancy casinos and fine Italian restaurants Collect 14 weapons from body armor to silencers -- even a special knife you can steer after throwingTrigger Man takes you into the world of mobsters, where a loose peace between warring families has been brokered. Don Coladangelo has earned the respect of all the other mobs, and you're his closest trigger man. The peace is ruined when Don Montagnano's son is killed, and the Montagnanos blame Coladangelo. To stay on top, Don Coladangelo wants you to teach the Montagnanos a lesson. Fulfill his wishes and keep the conflict from erupting into full-scale war.

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