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Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes


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A retired spy code-named Solid Snake has been called back into action. His old unit, Fox Hound, has gone rogue. They've taken over a military base & intend to unleash a secret weapon known as Metal Gear on the world. Snake is sent in to investigate, and stop their plans if he can. Incredible 3rd-person action in amazing game environments, as you sneak across a military base -- stealth is more important than shooting skills here Collect multiple weapons and use your strategic skills to keep from being seen Fight off snipers, invisible ninjas, psychic warriors, and even an M-1 tank Linear, story-driven progress and cinematic cutscenes bring the story of Solid Snake to lifeProduct Description Solid Snake debuts on the GameCube with a lethal dose of award-winning action. The Twin Snakes brilliantly fuses the essence of both Metal Gear Solid and MGS2: Sons of Liberty into one unique gaming package. Features character abilities from MGS2, such as hanging from ledges and first-person shooting. From the Manufacturer Solid Snake debuts on Nintendo's GameCube in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. After achieving worldwide sales success and awards for both the original Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, series creator, Hideo Kojima combines the essence of both games into one unique experience. Review The masterwork that spurred a cinematic movement and made high-tech espionage a staple in the world of video games is back to entertain another generation. Whether you found yourself staring wide-eyed in disbelief at a taut, action-packed sequence, or marveling in awe at the cleverness of the stealth-laden gameplay, Metal Gear Solid delivered one memorable moment after another in its original version. Under the guidance of series' creator Hideo Kojima and the development muscle of Silicon Knights, players are invited to rekindle these unforgettable moments in this technologically advanced remake. If you were to go back and play through the PSone version today, I can pretty much guarantee that the thought, "I can't believe that I used to think that these graphics were amazing" would pass through your mind. The 32-bit era of gaming didn't exactly age well. Pixellated texturing…jagged polygons…it's not a pretty sight. Hence, all of the graphics in the Twin Snakes are completely updated and showcase the best of today's texturing, effects, and character modeling. In addition to the beautifying of visuals, all of the cinematics in the game have been reworked and oftentimes extended in length. To accompany this change, all of the dialogue has been re-recorded. The result is over an hour of extra footage. Some of the updated sequences do tend to run a little long, but the majority of the content really adds something to the game. The story is much easier to follow, and you really get the feeling that Kojima and company did everything in their power to ensure that each action sequence was more explosive than The Matrix. The lack of remorse for human life that Ninja displays in this version is rather disturbing…but makes for some truly outstanding scenes. In updating the gameplay package, Silicon Knights turned toward the series' sequel, Sons of Liberty. With the ability to zoom into first-person targeting, the erratic toe-to-toe gunfights in the original game are now a thing of the past. Picking off enemies with a steady hand from across the room really opens things up. Snake can also leap over balconies, hang on ledges, and stuff bodies in lockers. To counter the player's higher level of interaction, Silicon Knights has re-written all of the enemies' AI scripts. Your foes are even smarter than those in Sons of Liberty, and will go out of their way to thoroughly sweep their surroundings. They'll toss grenades under beds, search every upturned box, and radio for help in seconds flat. Unfortunately, you won't run into any extravagant new material like weapons, items, levels, or enemy encounters; but as a whole, the game plays much better and offers up a number of new strategies. I'm sure that everyone is dying to ask the question, "Did they change anything in the Psycho Mantis fight?" I don't want to ruin anything for you, but I will say that he's the same old head case and has a few new tricks up his sleeves. Just make sure that you have a ton of save files on your memory card before going into the fight! New Easter eggs and sight gags are dispersed throughout every inch of this epic adventure as well. You'll run across different posters hanging in lockers, GameCube units on desks, and maybe even some Mario paraphernalia lying around. While not boasting a ton of

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