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Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories


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RPG Store Mode - featuring a side-story to the animated series in Ancient Egypt Duel Monsters make the jump to a full 3D playing field Over 600 Monsters fully animated and rendered in 3D Import cards from the Official Card Game to create more powerful decks Duel against and trade cards with your friends to gain experience and upgrade your card In Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, you must travel to ancient Egypt and solve the mysteries of the Shadow Game and the seven magical totems. A role-playing adventure based on the animated series, Forbidden Memories invites you to control a young pharaoh who is Yugi's ancestor. You'll talk to townspeople, solve clues, and challenge players to duels to gather information about the impending doom about to reach the kingdom. Product Description Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is a role-playing adventure game, based on the incredibly popular television and trading card phenomenon started in Japan. In it, you play a young Egyptian pharaoh. The game takes place in ancient Egypt, and your mission is to solve the mysteries of the Shadow Game and the 7 magical totems! You can walk around the different areas of the Egyptian capital, talk to townspeople, meet with friends, encounter sinister enemies, solve puzzles and challenge players to duels. But don't forget the big picture—you've got to gather a lot of information fast to stop the doom that's bearing down on the kingdom. Review Wolverine's Revenge is a challenging yet fun game with awesome graphics and cool moves. It isn't necessarily based on the new X2 movie, but the characters overlap. It's rated TEEN for blood and violence, and this rating is clearly deserved. Wolverine's revenge is a better game for older kids and teens, mostly because of the difficulty and not the blood. The bottom line? Buy it.Copyright © 2001 Children's Software Revue -- From Children's Software Revue® -- "Subscribe Now!"

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