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Tenchu Return From Darkness


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Collect weapons, from traditional ninja swords to ranged weapons -- use them wisely to accomplish your goals, in multiple deadly missions Immersive stealth-based action as you try to approach your enemies as silently as possible, moving in for the kill, and escaping without being seen Earn new abilities and fighting combos as you advance through levels filled with espionage, theft, and assassination New spells like the blinding magic and the viper potion enhance your ability to attack & disappear Battle it out in beautifully rendered levels, including a two exclusive to Xbox - a samurai mansion and a deserted pagodaAn army of ninjas and lords of darkness arise to threaten 16th century Japan. You, a stealthy ninja assassin, are the only hope to protect freedom and honor. Take full advantage of your speed, stealth and ninja powers to make every swing of your sword count. Features insane stealth kills and intense co-op and muliplayer action via Xbox Live (sold separately). Rise to the battle—the fate of Japan depends on you!

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